Chen Shi Taiji Quan ( Tai Chi Chuan ) Practice

This curriculum is not necessarily taught in this order and not necessarily to every student. Not all Chen style will have these elements. Each student requires instruction suited to their skills, experience, character and needs. Progress must be made at the discretion of a teacher who has the understanding to evaluate the specific needs of the student.

Yi Lu (route #1) first form

Er Lu (route #2) second form “pao quan” cannon fist

Dan Shi (single form practice)

Tui Shou (Push hand) Da lunr, Da Lu, Da Lie, others.. Dan Shou, ding bu-fixed step, huo bu-moving step, 3 step, 5 step, circle step, free step, free hands and step. Not five levels like some say….but infinite forms

Partner drills.. (strike/parry) infinite

San Shou (attack and defense repetitive combination training for power and reflex)

Qin Na (joint locking, body locking, seizing, trapping, escaping, and transforming)

Bu Fa (footwork)

Ti (Kicking)

Ti Na fa (foot and leg trapping)

Shuai Jiao (grappling, wrestling, throwing)

Free practice — usage of technique in a sometimes cooperative, sometimes competitive setting to test explore, practice, and progress.

Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation)

Re Shen Yun Dong (warm up exercises)

Qi Gong (nurturing vital energy practice)

8 energies, five elements, Chen Shi Taiji Quan principles, philosophy.

Taiji Quan Qiu (heavy ball for practicing strength and changes energy under stress)

Bang (called ruler by some, a short stick for stretching tendons, practicing strength, grip, qigong, and changes)

Weapons: Chen style has a lot, some original, some modern additions, I don’t practice or teach all of them, but here are some of what they offer; Jian- double edge sword, Dao- single edge curved saber, Gan- long staff, Chang Qiang- long spear, Duan Qiang- short spear, Da Dao- (some call this cudgel) saber blade on a long stick, Double maces, Double swords, Bian (solid steel whip), Jian(3rd tone mandarin- means single handed iron bar bladeless sword, used for fighting against swords) Gunr (short stick) and more.

Sitting Meditation-

YiNian lian fa- intention and visualization